The Ultimate Birth and Parenthood Preparation Bundle
The Ultimate Birth and Parenthood Preparation Bundle
The Ultimate Birth and Parenthood Preparation Bundle

The Ultimate Birth and Parenthood Preparation Bundle

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The Bundle is the first of its kind in the World and was created by a midwife and mums to support parents through from pregnancy and birth to those early days, weeks and months with their newborn. 

The first section of the online course is a 60-minute Mindful birth audio course from The Mindful Birth Group from which you will learn the essential hypnobirthing techniques for a positive pregnancy and birth experience including:

  • 1 hour audio hypnobirthing essentials course

  • Printable text format of the course

  • Printable positive affirmations including multiple pregnancy

  • 5 x TMBG relaxation audios including quick relaxation, deep relaxation, positive affirmations, c-section and bonding with your baby

  • Lots of birth support materials such as birth preferences sheet (inc.c-section), bag checklists, birth partner checklist & more

And then the next section is Komu's Postnatal Digital Kit in which are 34 videos, 42 audios and four support documents by Postnatal experts and Midwives for you to learn from. We’ve broken it down into different chapters, each covering a different topic:

  • What happens on the Postnatal Ward

  • Understanding baby's health and wellbeing

  • The benefits of baby massage and baby yoga and how to practice 

  • Learning how to feed your baby; breast, bottle and expressing ( our expert taught Kate Winslet and Kate Beckinsale how to feed!)

  • How to get your baby to sleep

  • Getting out and about with your baby

  • Mummy's health and wellbeing

  • Spotting the signs of teething and how to soothe your baby

  • Postnatal fitness for mummy 

  • Mental health issues for mummy and daddy

  • Introducing your dog to your new baby (Oli Juste is a presenter on Channel 4's Puppy School)



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