Floral Baby Wardrobe Clothes Dividers 0-24 Months
Floral Baby Wardrobe Clothes Dividers 0-24 Months
Floral Baby Wardrobe Clothes Dividers 0-24 Months
Floral Baby Wardrobe Clothes Dividers 0-24 Months

Floral Baby Wardrobe Clothes Dividers 0-24 Months

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Organise your baby’s closet perfectly with our beautiful dividers. Simply slip them over the rail to separate the different ages of your little ones clothes. They are super easy to use and save so much time when looking through clothing and searching for outfit ideas. Our dividers are also the perfect solution for recognising what ages you have stocked up on, and any gaps you may need to fill.
Material: 100% paper, no plastics. All packaging can be recycled. Dividers are both biodegradable and recyclable.
Size: Each disc measures approx 4 inches in diameter and has a small slit to fit over the clothes rail. Please note that the centre opening is round and may not fit square or rectangle shaped rails.
Details: Printed in English on bright white linen embossed cardstock. Each embossed card set includes 7 discs in the following ages:

- 0-1 Month
- 0-3 Months
- 3-6 Months
- 6-9 Months
- 9-12 Months
- 12-18 Months
- 18-24 Months

Each side has been printed separately onto 350gsm cardstock (700gsm in total) and joined together with non toxic, biodegradable adhesive to make them more rigid.
Over the past 12 months the availability of baby clothes dividers throughout Etsy and Ebay has risen considerably compared to 2015 when I began to make and sell them. You will find lots of sellers online who make cardboard dividers but mine are unique in that they are round. The majority of other sellers use a hook design using just one piece of cardboard which is usually between 200 - 350gsm and are printed on one side only. My dividers are double sided and double thickness as they are made using 350gsm linen embossed recycled card. By fixing together the two printed discs using non toxic but durable adhesive, these dividers are 700gsm in weight and will withstand general day to day usage much better and longer than the usual single side hook designs, available widely online.

Orders will be dispatched within 2 working days via Royal Mail. Once shipped, orders will take approximately 2-3 working days to arrive.

As each divider is printed on card they are susceptible to everyday wear and tear and will bend if not handled with care. Please ensure to treat these appropriately as refunds or replacements will only be offered if you receive the product in poor condition and report it within 7 days of receipt.

If you would like to return an item please message me.