Seller Guidelines

BabyChum is the number one online store for parents & parents-to-be and provides the opportunity for creators to showcase their flair and sell their products. Our aim is to be known as the go-to destination for parents for well-sourced, innovative products. From baby books, to pregnancy journals and mummy pamper boxes, we will provide customers a trusted source for uniqueness. In return, sellers gain huge exposure and a projected increase in sales. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of our brand, read on. 

Selling on BabyChum

As a seller on BabyChum, you will be acting as a Partner, but under our brand. In line with BabyChum terms and conditions we do not authorise our Partners to sell individual products to major high street retailers. 

What products are popular?

We try not to stock too many similar products or services so that Partners aren't overly competing with each other. That means the more unique your items, or the more of a gap they fill in the BabyChum offering, the better. Unique, innovative, unusual products will attract the attention of our buyers. Also if your product can be personalised, that’s a big plus. People browsing the site love the bespoke feel for their mum, dad and baby gifts, so if you have the option to personalise items, please do. 

How can you stand out?

Have good quality photos of your products that will knock the socks off buyers! Photos can make or break the products you’ve created; they are the most important thing to get right so try to make your snaps look as pro as possible. It’s important to make sure your pictures are well composed and well lit. Don’t place your products in inappropriate settings. 

Product descriptions and titles are also key, make sure you are using keywords a buyer would search for. For example, instead of writing “Pregnancy Journal” as a title, we would encourage a more descriptive title such as “182 Page Pink Pregnancy Journal for Mums to be.” 

What’s the cost?

You have to pay BabyChum 12% commission on each sale, which is very reasonable compared to some other online marketplaces. However, it’s always worth selling the products you know have a high profit margin or reviewing your retail prices before listing a product. 

Following through on orders

Once the orders come rolling in, you need to make sure you deliver when it comes to your delivery options. This could make or break your customers’ shopping experience, so you don’t want to let people down; items need to be delivered in their described condition and in a timely fashion. 

Finishing touches

Shoppers will have certain expectations when it comes to how your items are packaged, so make sure you take care to wrap up your items nicely. Little touches like an accompanying handwritten note and wrapping your items in tissue paper can help build up positive feedback and a loyal following for your brand, especially on a site like ours. And as you can’t advertise your own website on BabyChum, packaging is a great opportunity to upsell. 


At BabyChum we have three shipping options as per the below:




If any of your products are custom made and have a lead times, please specify this on the product page so buyers are not dissapointed if their items takes a little longer to arrive.

If you cannot accommodate one or more of the above shipping options please specify this on the product page. Be sure to provide a breakdown of how long your Saver, Standard and Express shipping options will take, and be very clear about how long items will take to arrive. 

If a customer contacts you for more details on their item, please get back to them in a timely manner so their expectations are managed.


Please specify your returns policy and conditions on each product page, so sellers are able to easily send items back for a refund if necessary.

What support will I be given once I’m trading

Once you are a Partner you will be given access to a number of support materials to advise you on product development and pricing. You could also be given some ‘new starter’ publicity on the company’s homepage to help get your products selling. 

Who is responsible for paying my VAT and income tax?

It’s your responsibility to deal with your own VAT (if you are VAT registered) and pay your own income tax. 

Other terms

Upon joining the site, you'll also be asked to confirm you haven’t deliberately or knowingly copied the designs, products, name or trading style of another company or business. You will need to provide a summary of your business and your products, including photos of your products. Your business must also be registered on Companies House and actively trading.